Martin Christian :: MEC Machine :: Flash Designer :: Graphic Artist

About Me

Designer well versed in a number of digital and classical tools. Meticulous attention to detail, a bottomless capacity to learn, and a love for creating engaging experiences. Searching for a position that will allow me to use my arsenal to it's fullest, as well as push my creative talents.

Fundamentally, people come to me for:

Primarily, I have focused on bringing rich media to the web.... 5 highly dedicated years as a multimedia specialist spanning print, web, and video production. As the lead designer of a Graphic and Web Design boutique in Red Bank, NJ, I understand what it means to be soley accountable for all facets of the design process.


My Resume

My Samples

  1. Hatteras Press
  2. Restaurant Nicholas
  3. Vortech X
  4. Goldtinker
  5. Ashes
  6. Sickrides
  7. Vizzini
  8. Jersey Coast Vein
  9. Eco Smart Global
  10. The Addison Park
  11. Athletes Alley
  12. Kids Creations Workshop
  13. Builders General
  14. Dawpro
  15. Fode Software
  16. Mazza
  17. Villani
  18. Mark of Excellence
  19. NJ Blitz